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For over 30 years, DPMS has provided the highest level of service and product quality to its customers by providing a wide range of precision machining solutions. We are well equipped to deliver complex machine tooling projects, design for manufacturability assignments, assembly services, and precision machining projects on time. Below are the highlights of services we provide.

  • Short run/low volume prototype, R&D components and assemblies
  • Medium to high volume production for components and assemblies
  • Complex mechanical and electromechanical assemblies, including wire and cable harnessing
  • Manufacturing engineering support / concurrent engineering
  • Manufacturing house with state of the art machining equipment including:
  • Production capabilities to provide machine tooling solutions
  • Integrated assembly solutions.
  • Complete Supply Chain Integration:
    • We partner with multiple vendors to offer customers the following services that include, but not limited to: Plating, Painting, Coatings, Heat Treatment, Laser Cutting, Water Jet Cutting, Welding, Non Destructive Testing, Castings, Silk Screen & Component Marking

Our Support System

DPMS is part of the Gladstone Investment Corporation family. You can also view Gladstone, GAIN, on NASDAQ. In 2012 Gladstone Investment acquired a full equity position with DPMS to support its growth objectives in the Medical, Aerospace, and emerging markets. Gladstone Investment’s portfolio brings in the synergy of various manufacturing organization. DPMS has the advantage of sharing industry best practices with the manufacturing firms in Gladstone’s portfolio.

The DPMS team is made up of career Machinists and qualified Engineers with the experience and skill to handle the toughest technical demands from our customers. We have long-standing relationships with a wide group of early stage, growing, and large national and international customers.

Our core values of customer satisfaction, creating high quality products, and continued expansion into new markets have/has been vital to our success.

Please visit our Production Services page to get more insight on our machining capabilities and in-house equipment.

Please visit our Quality page to learn more about various industry recognized certifications. Contact DPMS to learn more about us!