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ISO 9001

During the past 30 years, DPMS has offered precision machining and assembly solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is made possible by the continuous monitoring of our ISO 9001 cnc machining quality system and ability to support our customers in multiple industries. These industries include customers in the defense, aerospace, medical device, electronics and commercial markets.

Our iso: 9001 quality management system, which is also certified to ISO 13485, AS9100 and is ITAR certified, make it possible to support these diverse industries.

Our aim is to fulfil all of our customers manufacturing requirements by employing continuous improvement thru the adherence of all of our systems, including our ISO: 9001 Quality Management system.

Over the decades, DPMS has developed many core and specialty services to become one of the Bay Area’s premier manufacturing vendors. Many of these services were designed to support our customers that require an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Part of our core service, is our CNC Machining department. This department supports our customers that require ISO 9001 cnc machining and rely on our robust ISO: 9001:2008 Quality Management system to manufacture their machined parts. This department has grown to include multiple CNC Horizontal and Vertical Mills with Pallet Systems, 5 Axis Machining, CNC Lathes with Live Tooling, Screw Machining, Wire & Sinker EDMs, Sheet Metal Fabrication and precision Grinding. These services are key to the success of a premier ISO 9001 cnc machining manufacturer.

As a leading Bay Area machining vendor with the ISO: 9001 Quality Management system, DPMS utilizes a team of career Machinist, experienced Programmers, a robust Quality System with qualified Personnel, dedicated Program Managers and skilled Engineers to support our customer’s diverse ISO 9001 cnc machining needs.

Being an effective ISO 9001 cnc manufacturer takes a team effort. As mentioned above, our manufacturing team is supported by a robust quality system that is certified to the following standards:

  • ISO: 9001 Quality Management system
  • ISO 13485
  • AS9100
  • ITAR compliant

An important benefit of these standards, is the ability for DPMS to provide complete “bumper to bumper” traceability on all aspects of your projects. This is especially important for customers that require a robust ISO: 9001 Quality Management system.

To assist in the collection of traceable data, DPMS introduced an MRP system in 2009 to help manage all aspects of our business. This system is also beneficial for customers that require an ISO: 9001 Quality Management system.

As you know, manufacturing companies with this ISO: 9001 Quality Management system and ISO 9001 cnc machining capabilities, retain all of their manufacturing and quality information. This means DPMS can provide that information from any ISO 9001 cnc machined device or assembly.

We invite you and your team to visit our facility, view our manufacturing department and realize the full capabilities of DPMS

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